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This section can be used to generate reports at 3 levels:

all at NO additional cost to simply completing the individual reports.
"Consolidated" is the amalgamation of the teams - so could be your whole organisation, your department, your division - whatever is relevant to you.

Our research has indicated that 3 levels should be sufficient in almost all cases.

An example:

Your organisation (A.Company) has departments of sales, finance, design and the Top Team. Each department has 5 people in it. You would set up your 3 tier report like this:

You set up the 3 levels, name them and decide how many reports to have in each section (usually the number of people in that team). will then generate 4 codes for you - one for each team. You pass the relevant code to the members in that team for them to complete the evaluation.

  1. The team members complete the evaluation and get their own individual report.
  2. You get 4 x team reports which you can use, with the team leader, to help understand, plan and develop that team.
  3. You get a consolidated report of so that you can understand the big picture and get an overview of the actions needed for progress.