Case Studies

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European Award for
Culture Change

International team development
(High Performing Team evaluation)

Japanese Tobacco International have used the High Performing Team evaluation across the globe so that managers could design effective development schedules for the team under their control. These schedules were subsequently linked to individual business plans to increase team performance.
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VW Group European
Award for Aftersales

Understanding how we communicate (sensory preference evaluation)

Volkswagen have used this evaluation as part of their coaching program so that prospective coaches can tailor their interactions to the needs of the coachee. The use of sensory preference within this process has markedly increased the effectiveness of the communication within it.
Understanding how we learn (multiple intelligence evaluation)

Marks and Spencer have used this evaluation as part of their Train the Trainer process where training professionals were encouraged to both design and deliver training modules that were based on Multiple Intelligence theory. This is a key part of their ongoing development strategy.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM)

Learning consultancy Poppyfish worked with Durkan to develop a company-wide training intervention called LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, Accountability, development ). The SPECTRUM behavioural evaluation was used throughout the suite of interventions to give both individual and organisational insight.
Understanding team effectiveness
(High Performing Team evaluation)

The British Royal Air Force have used the High Performing Team evaluation as a way of generating vital data for team effectiveness within their Force Development Centre. Through this process, focused development plans have been designed for the specific teams undergoing the training programme there.
The High Performing Team evaluation

The Aftersales team of Audi (UK) have used the High Performing Team evaluation as part of their focused team development programme. This was used to focus the needs of their development and track progress accordingly. It resulted in greater team cohesion that supported even better team sales performance.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM)

Hospedia incorporated SPECTRUM into their annual Performance Management system to enhance the ability of the business' to develop "how" people work together rather than merely the tasks they achieve.
Spectrum behavioural evaluation and High Performing Team evaluation

The Finance team of ECC had to rise to the significant challenge of changing financial and political circumstances. The use of the helped them charter their way through some very choppy and uncomfortable waters of cultural and operational change.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM)

Many evaluations have a bias towards a western way of thinking and terminology. Omantel reinforced experience of the CIMA and JTI, that EvaluationStore is applicable in non-Western cultures - in their case, the Middle East.
Understanding personal effectiveness

The finance team of construction equipment manufacturer JCB wanted to enhance their effectiveness as business in their communication and working with other parts of the business. Their use of SPECTRUM was hugely successful in assisting the aim.
Understanding how we learn and multiple intelligences
Used with success to train those who have to train others as part of their business sales role.

Understanding another person (SPECTRUM A.N.Other)
Used in a specific European context to gain an insight to how to present to a specific buyer. This gave the critical insight to secure the significant sale.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM) & High Performing Team

Internal Business Partners used SPECTRUM to further develop their effectiveness with their internal CITB customers and used HPT to generate their own performance plan.
Spectrum behavioural evaluation

A new Senior Management Team for the facilities management part of the business wanted to get off to the best possible start and used Spectrum to understand themselves and how others worked. This was furthered wider in the business and found to be user-friendly, easy to understand and drew particular praise from some who had previously used more complex less practical diagnostics.
High Performing Team

UK Training & development consultancy Neos Learning used HPT with a Senior Board who were regrettably dysfunctional and significantly underperforming. Improvement was almost immediate. Within 3 months they had achieved a transformation of their relationship with an overseas partner company and within 6 months had transformed by the realisation of the potential they always had, but had been masked by their poor team operation.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM)

The highly successful CIMA global sales team used the SPECTRUM behavioural evaluation to increase awareness of their own preferences and how they are considered by customers and potential customers in a variety of global cultures.
The High Performing Team evaluation

Signature are using the High Performing Team evaluation as part of their leadership development programme. Participants have to arrange for their direct reports to complete the evaluation with the managers then creating action plans base don these results. This subsequently is used to demonstrate the link between leadership and team development.
The Football Association
Using "colours" in behaviour to increase performance

Prior to the 2015 World Cup the England Womens' football squad used behavioural colours - read the BBC Radio 5 interview with Eniola Aluko from 29th May 2015.
Understanding personal effectiveness (SPECTRUM)

The SPECTRUM evaluation was used as part of a Year 10 (age 14-15) PHSE day to help pupils understand themselves and others better .... And gave some clues of how to give essay answers which 'pressed the right buttons' for different teachers!
Understanding how we learn
(multiple intelligence evaluation)

The evaluation helped year 7 pupils (age 11-12) appreciate their own learning and revision preferences as an aid to better academic performance. Whilst the evaluation is intended for working adults, it was still enormously beneficial.