Paper Versions & Instructions

About Us uses on-line technology and makes live comparisons with thousands of other profiles to give you material for discussion in your report. These full reports are offered at a price significantly less than other behavioural evaluations (or personality tests, or psychometric tests).

The basic on-line report (without the comparisons and full analysis) is free of charge. Many other evaluations and tests charge for this level of information.

However, some customers have requested a paper version of evaluations. Most other personality, psychometric and behavioural tests charge money for their paper versions, we make SPECTRUM available free of charge. A PDF of some Spectrum questions (work based questions for an individual) and a scoring sheet are provided for free of charge download for use in situations where coaches and trainers feel that on-line usage is not optimal.

Instructions on how to use evaluation store

To set up a code for others to use
How to run a High Performing Team session
To set up a 360° feedback codes explained

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